Dedication to all the beautiful ladies

What would the world be without women, and what would the women be without scents, powders and various jewelry! Riga porcelain manufacturers did not try to answer this difficult question either, instead they did what they knew best - they made small porcelain boxes, powder cases and perfume bottles.

The first toiletry set dates back to 1956 - dishes with dancers modeled by Zina Ulste sonorously named "Latvia" and at that time. A few years later, in 1959, the next toiletry set with a no less original name - "Riga" (PFF RIGA) - reached the customers. As the shape of this set was suitable for various kinds of decorations, several different carefully and luxuriously designed variants can be found. The bottles have screw-on aluminum caps with an anodized coating that imitates gilding. Attached is a page from Новые товары, issue 6 of 1959.

In addition to sets, single powder cases were also produced, such as the powder case designed by Beatrise Kārkliņa with the relief image of the Opera house (1956, RPF). It seems that the last PFF RĪGA set with perfume bottles was produced in the 60s, judging by the shape and decoll of bottles, which an attentive porcelain observer will also find on the dinner and tea sets of those years.

For the storage of jewelry and other trinkets Riga factories produced various boxes - using Jessen and Kuznetsov forms from pre- WW2 times as a base

From myself, I offer to your attention a jewelry box in the form of a traditional folk-maid and a toiletry set "Dina", author Ilga Dreiblate, 1980.