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What is a coffee and tea set made of

“A/S M.S. Kuzņecovs” and “J. Jesena porcelāna fabrika”; traditions implied that a coffee set for 6 people consisted of a coffee pot, sugar tray, cream pot, 6 cups, cup saucers and dessert dishes.
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Riga porcelain marks

"Rīgas keramikas fabrikas" ex A/S M.S. Kuzņecovs - porcelāna izstrādājumi.
1940.-1941.,colors: red, blue, green
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Literature about Riga porcelain

Zina Ulste. Porcelāns

2005., "Rīgas porcelāna muzejs"
112 lpp

Format: 17 x 17
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Short History

Sidor Kuznetsov founds the first porcelain and faience factory in the Baltics. The factory is built in Ķengarags. (завод С.Т.Кузнецова)
The factory produces only half – faience products.
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