tea set

After having experience with coffee set „Daina” the young artist Zina Ulste in Riga Porcelain Factory started to create forms for dinner sets and tea sets. Tea set, which got the name „Sakta”, continued the recently established tradition – curved shapes, simple rounded silhouette, without any embossed decor. It seems that with this set came the tendency in Riga porcelain to not create a recess for the cup in the saucer, as in, if it can be lived without, it is not needed. Unfortunately, this decision reflected the longevity of „Sakta” – it is more difficult to hold a cup on such a saucer, and later the lonely cup saucers were put under flower pots. To this day, it is often easier for collectors to find central teaware of „Sakta” than cups and saucers.

The futuristic form of „Sakta”, which is somewhat similar to an alien ship, was very suitable for a variety of abstract illustrations and stylized decals. This was the first set that practically got rid of the many different and foreign „small flower” decals and represented the design of 1960s Riga porcelain in all its glory. It was started to be produced at the Riga Porcelain Factory "RPF" in 1960, but the last made „Sakta” sets were decorated with the seal „PFF Riga” – Riga Porcelain and Faience Factory which is after the two factories merged together in 1963.