Tea set

One more set that was only partly released in the 1990s is the tea set “Jasmīns” (Jasmine). A full set was created by the artist Natālija Laminska at the end of the 1980s but only the cup and saucer made it to the production line. The first image, by photographer Gvido Kajons, has been taken from the book “The Stories of Porcelain” – the set seen in the photo is an authorial work currently owned by the Riga Porcelain Museum. An attentive connoisseur will probably notice something familiar in the cone-tipped lids – such echoes of older porcelain shapes where trendy at the time. The rest of the photos show the pieces from the personal collection of M. Batrags. Unusual is the set with the small pinkish roses (evoking the traditional exclamation – a “polish dekol“ ). As seen by the maker’s mark at the bottom of the cup it was still produced by Riga Porcelain factory – RPR, but the saucer has already a back stamp of JSC “Riga Porcelain” – a historical evidence of changing eras in the factories in 1990.

The size of the romantic and rather convenient cups is a bit over 100ml.